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What can ComTech do for me?

Data management specialists, ComTech gives small and large companies a competitive advantage. Our customized, high performance software improves the accessibility and value of your data. ComTech's mission is to improve clients' businesses by reducing operating costs, boosting employee productivity and enhancing competitiveness. The service guarantee ensures, at minimum, complete satisfaction for all the custom software we develop.

Strategic business decisions often depend on your ability to interpret, present and analyze information quickly and easily. In every industry data is a valuable resource to you, and even your clients and other stakeholders.

We analyze, design, build, implement and maintain database applications for all types of businesses on the web and on local systems. ComTech will analyze how you are managing your information and help you streamline business operations using custom software developed for your specific needs.

The results have astounded our clients (see our testimonials).

Our customized, high-performing software allows companies to:

  • Extract mainframe data and pull it in to current report formats within five minutes
  • Integrate data from a variety of sources
  • Transfer data with accuracy and ease
  • Consolidate and automate financial applications

The ComTech Software team has been successful in a variety of industries including the military, medical, insurance, sales, credit and other fields. The company, founded in 1987 by Karl Hoener , is privately-held and based in Victoria BC Canada.

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"Our mission is to improve our clients' businesses by reducing operating costs, boosting productivity & enhancing competitiveness"