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Claims System

Claims System
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Claims Services System

System Highlights

This system is a comprehensive client management tool for tracking insurance claims and underwriting.

Complete client tracking allowing detailed entry and association of dependents and spouses. Complete history of payments for insurance coverage and automatic generation of CIBC format client debit files. Users may setup automatic generation of client benefit payments, also in CIBC file format.

Users benefit from configurable coverage parameters with response tracking according to mailing code.

Data storage and security is achieved through an Oracle data repository. Once configured, data management is accessed through the Claims Services System only. Users need not be Oracle trained. System administrators must only backup the repository to maintain their disaster recovery options.

Secure access is granted to authorized users only through user name and password entry. Users have different levels assigned by the system manager. Users belong to sections having specified and configurable default access to system resources.

  • Turn-key system
  • Login security
  • Claims tracking
  • Benefit tracking
  • Payment history
  • Detailed reports
  • Oracle back-end
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited claims
  • Unlimited coverage types
  • Unlimited clients
  • Windows NT/2000

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