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ComTech Server Monitoring

Now you can benefit from the technology we have developed to monitor our servers...

24/7 - you need to ensure your servers are performing as expected - or you can just wait for your clients to call when something goes wrong. (Mouse over images for larger view)


It is very important to know what resources are required to make your websites as responsive as they need to be. Our Server Monitoring software lets you do that with drill-down capability to allow you to view every detail of the traffic on your websites. See metrics on number of hits, see which users are using the most resources and see which systems may be maliciously degrading your services.


Don't wait for the call from disappointed clients - Know within seconds when something isn't right and get it fixed. Our monitoring application is completely configurable to allow you to receive text or email notifications after a set number of failures - either consecutive or intermittent - you decide. You set what you want to monitor - unlimited websites, POP3, SMTP and Ping checks are available.

Response Time Monitoring

Keep track of your response times... Often, before hardware fails, there is a hint that trouble is coming. This can easily be seen by monitoring your server response times. Our system lets you display your trending response times over 30 days. Slowing response times can come from a number of different souirces, but with these tools, you can quickly zero in on problem areas.

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